CS2 Kosova Masters: Logo Design Showcase


We are proud to unveil our latest creation: the official logo for CS2 Kosova Masters! Our design journey was both exciting and challenging, and we’re here to share our process, vision, and the final product that captures the essence of this esteemed event.

Understanding CS2 Kosova Masters

Before diving into the design, we invested time to understand the ethos of CS2 Kosova Masters. Recognizing its prominence as an event, we were inspired to craft a symbol that encapsulated its prestige, dynamism, and cultural resonance.

Design Process

1. Inspiration Gathering: Our team started with broad research, collecting imagery, colors, and themes related to both the Kosova region and the spirit of mastery in the competitive arena.

2. Sketching: Multiple sketches were drawn, playing with different concepts. From abstract interpretations to literal ones, each sketch represented a unique perspective.

3. Iteration: After narrowing down our choices, we refined our top picks. This phase was all about tweaking, adjusting, and polishing, ensuring every detail was perfect.

4. Finalization: With feedback from the CS2 Kosova Masters’ team, we combined elements, colors, and styles that resonated the most with the event’s core identity.

Logo Description

Our final design showcases:

  • Dominant Colors: We’ve chosen a color palette that represents both the vibrancy of the event and the cultural richness of Kosova.
  • Symbolism: Central to the logo is a symbol that intertwines the competitive spirit with the essence of Kosova, creating an emblem that’s both iconic and deeply meaningful.
  • Typography: The chosen typeface complements the logo’s design, ensuring readability while adding a touch of modernity.


Our collaboration with CS2 Kosova Masters was a memorable journey. We believe that the final logo is not just a visual mark but a testament to the event’s stature and the spirit of competition it embodies. We are honored to have had the opportunity to craft this identity and look forward to seeing it shine in all its glory!