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Who we are

PR Solutions is Media and Communications Company that fully covers all PR & Marketing related issues. PR Solutions are specialists with in-depth knowledge of media and the issues related to it. Professional and experienced team works with you to develop Public Relations and Marketing campaign, to establish PR aims, develop strategies and implement programs to achieve success with ongoing evaluation of the results.


PR Solutions is a comprehensive one-stop solution provider. Any outsourcing is carefully managed and thoroughly coordinated to make the entire process seamless for you as a client.


PR Solutions has extensive experience with a diverse array of Marketing services, including Advertising Campaigns, Market Research, Surveys, Media Relations, Media Monitoring, Trainings, Promotions, Collateral Materials, Strategic Counseling, Editorial Services, and organizing Special Events (Consumer involvement events, Trade shows, Grand openings, and new product/service launches).


PR Solutions Mission is to develop your brand into a Lovemark.




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Our team

Sherife Kqiku

Media Relations Manager

Armend Susuri


Vjosa Shaqiri

Public Relations Manager

Micaela Thurman

Taulant Haxhisefa

Lead Multimedia Designer

Venera Ismaili

Project Manager

Ernesa Behrami

PR Assistant

Nol Markaj

Graphic Designer

Ekrem Tahiri

Managing Partner

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